office_assualt: Sticky note gun

Done... For now.  I have a grand vision of an exploded view assembly, interchangeable upper receivers (gun speak for the top part of the gun) and even work mechanisms.  But for now I happy with just renderings.  I choose this color scheme for two reasons: 1) I am a star wars fan 2)  The design is a bit more extreme/sci-fi  then I first imagined in the sketch this color hopefully makes it more approachable.

I had a couple of request for a steampunk version so here it is:
I learned some new things while doing this, mainly in regards to surfacing, here are a few guides that I used:
Surfacing - Nose cone Intro to surfacing tools. 
Surfacing - Side pod Nose cone Intro to working with complex surfacing
A basic overview of the entire process - A tip to gain speed in your modeling but not for beginners.  Surfacing, Free form tool (like nurb modeling), fill, trim, and basic boundary surfacing.
Surfacing the Batmobile - Interesting to hear his work-flow. I thought I was doing some things wrongs but there's many ways to accomplish the same thing. However, I will be using boundary surface more often instead of lofts.