Share your stuff. A portfolio story.

The video below brings to mind studio one with Jon Kolko and one of my first process books, "your showing me what you did, but not why you did it". At the time it seemed cryptic but it was painfully obvious. Help people understand the process that went into your decisions and how you arrived at the final product. Make it visual, let all the secrets out of the bag (irony, unless your under NDA), show a systematic repeatable process for arriving at ideas.

Simple. Sorta. Not really. It's like when you watch an athlete do something effortlessly. It's looks simple and logical. Like Mr. Ive said, as I will roughly paraphrase from Objective, like the product couldn't be any other way. When you look at a good portfolio it's clear where the idea came from and where it lead too. Until you try to repeat the same, go into your hard drive, look at the project, and try to tell your story. It can be tough. Sometimes in the creative process I wont even write/sketch anything, I just sort of stare of into space, and think of possible variations even before I put pen to paper.... The advantage, it's fast... The disadvantage, no one knew you did it! It's seems counterproductive to have to put something to paper to prove it.... but I digress.

Ideally you will have refined a creative process so that everything you do is quantifiable (in some form) with research or sketches. Then you can turn to your superiors and/or colleagues with a tome of knowledge, rather than just an idea which can easy get shot down (I don't like the color, the radius is to big, it won't fit in the hand, etc). If you educate them that it's the best solution, then it must be the best solution. This is basic studio one, but I think we all need a reminder sometimes.

So share your process, share your work and watch this video. Maybe read this book too Spark Of Genius it's been pretty interesting so far and parallels this discussion in some ways.