Office assualt.

Not sure if you remember the Sticky note gun but I've decided to expand the line-up. Some of the products will serve a greater purpose than others and some will be a gag. However, I'm finding that some silly ideas led to something great, which is the process I will be experimenting with on this project. Maybe it's because I find the funniest jokes are based on some form of truth. I guess you could call it blue sky, or the overly used "out of the box" but with a mix of laughter... Similar, I guess to my friend Andrew Reeves.

So the tentative name of the series is Office Assault. I did a short brain storm session after work focused on turning an average mundane task into something more, something that might make you smile (like mint) or integrate into something you use daily Sticky note gun).

I initially gravitated towards coffee... I love it, there is a ceremony to it, fits in the office environment, and people are used to obscure products in this market. The Espresso/Red Bull Grenade allows you store espresso and heat it in the microwave (it's ceramic) for a flavor explosion or keep a Red Bull shot cold in the break room for an energy boost. Who knows maybe you pull the pin and chunk one at your colleagues.
Another idea, further on the silly side, was the Meeting Jacker. Ever get the cold shoulder on a meeting you know you should be apart of? Well wedge this under the door, crank it up and break that barrier to office dominance and/or unemployment.
Then I had an idea which at first reminded me of an advanced fart machine. But when I really played out all the user scenarios it kind of made since so I took the time to make a few visuals.

So why is this a valid idea? Sure you can tell your friends to get back to work or scare them when they turn the corner. But imagine you always miss the recycling day, leave a message, place it by the door and it will alert you in the morning. Don't want your kids to sneak out at night? Hide this somewhere and their busted. Don't want someone to steal your lunch in the break room, place this under it and everyone will be alerted... So basically this is a small versatile object that allows for a lot of creative uses. I thought it was interesting idea development which started as a super advanced fart machine.