First day of 2 weeks with Case-Mate

So it's been a pretty crazy past few days.
It began when I got a call from my Prof. David Ringholz, about a week ago, who told me about a possible freelance opportunity with the company Case-Mate. He had just gotten off the phone with the VP of Sales and a few other members of their team who had connections with S.C.A.D. So I call Marty (the supply chaing guro) and Shashi the C.E.O and do a very quick (what seemed like 5 min) interview. Next thing I know (6 days ago actually) I am flying out to Atlanta where the company is based to begin work.

So today was my first day... I am very familiar with tight deadlines but this project presents its own special chanellenges. Considering I am the only specific product designer at the company right now I have been intrusted with the creation of roughly 20-30 CAD models of new product. Since they are mainly shells and skins it shouldn't be to difficult once the 6 base models are created. I have completed one of, if not the most, difficult phones today.

Everyone has been very nice and friendly. The office enivorment has it's own special style to say the least ;). I counted three dogs and one child. I've also witness a few "heated dicsussions" which made for an interesting listen. All and all it has been somewhat of a roller coaster but I can't complian. I think I might like it here.

Also, I might up with my prof. David Ringholz tonight and we visited an exhibition held by some of his previous GA Tech students. The event was fun and it was a great chance to see the I.D prespective from other program. After, we went out to eat with them at a local restraunt which lead to some very interesting design dicussion.