Modify sketch tool

If you do a lot of moving SW sketches around to ideate ideas (in this case the position of compliance markings) modify sketch is right for you. I learned about it awhile back and don't know what I did without it (Oh what, I remember, I used move sketch tool like idiot!).  The catch is that no entity of your sketch can be relationed or dimensioned to an entity outside of it, such as the origin.  This allows you to freely move, scale, and mirror your heart out in one simple command window (below). Creating blocks works in a similar way but the problem is you have to create them, save them and keep track of them... weak.  And they don't allow the freedom of modify sketch.

The glorious command window of infinite possibilities:

The trick is to use your mouse to make your adjustments, click and hold left click to move drawing.  Right click the origin to reflect.  To scale, just type in .9, .8, etc into the "factor" bar and click enter.  Hit is more than once to keep scaling... AMAZING. So go check it out and add it to your "S" pop-up toolbar.