Warm up, don't give up!

This sketch it pretty terrible but I think it illustrates an important point so I'm posting it. The first sketch of the day (see # 1) is generally terrible and I want to throw it away and curse my hands for refusing to work correctly.  If I don't throw my pencils at the wall and run away crying then I will keep working the sketch until it looks like it does now, BAD.  Then comes sketch #2, my hands are warm and I feel my confidence rise.... Then the dust clears and I realize there are some flaws in it somewhere (usually perspective) and work it some until it looks like it does now, MEDICORE.  Now by my third or forth sketch I don't really care any more and just start throwing down something.  At this point I've stopped thinking and it's just NATURAL.  This is where I like to live.  So my point is this, don't give up after the first two or three sketches. It's like running the 1st couple of miles are the worst then the endorphins kick in and your good. So keep at it!