Hand sketch tips

Here's a couple of tips for hand sketching which might go overlooked but I am finding very important.

Keep your pencil sharp at all times.  I'm sure you've heard this already but it makes a big difference.  You can see a difference in the overall clarity here, I used a dull pencil before and then kept my pencil sharp after.

Buy templates and use them even on quick 5-10 minutes sketch like the one above. The more you use them, the more comfortable you will get with them and thus improve your perspective. Here are the tools I used:

Take your time but move quickly or "work smarter", I often make the mistake of thinking that I have to do a sketch quickly for it to look energetic.  I find that makes it sloppy.  Now I try to think out the sketch, draw some basic construction lines, get the right eclipse/perspective, then use quick stokes to apply details.  That gives the "fast" look... and it takes about the same amount of time.

Finally, PRACTICE...  Which I need to do more of.