A lot has happened since my last post and I thought an update was in order.

The big news, I landed a great job at Garmin. I will begin work with the automotive/mobile team June 28.  I was very impressed by the team and the studio when I visited a few weeks ago.  I am very excited to start and enter into a new market.  The job will take me to Kansas City, Kansas in the suburb of Olathe.  Which brings me to the next news...

Currently I'm in Connecticut with my family.  I forgot a few things when I moved to Atlanta including my HUGE collection of legos, not forgetting those.  I'm also helping out around the house.  My dad and I took it upon ourselves to fix the pool and save $10,000.  Over two days we've used some bad *!@ tools including a: 30in diamond cement saw, a trencher (think 3ft long chainsaw on wheels), a blow torch (to connect the tubes to their fittings), reciprocating saw, a sledge hammer, and a pick ax...  I grew a beard to feel even any more manly.  Here's a pic of the action, we replaced ALL of the lines from the pump and filter which required us to bust up concrete.

I've also been catching up on blogs, I read this great article on core77, The Design Comedy which reminded me of Office Assault.  Is it apart of this movement?  To be fair it was a simple theme, two different themes matched together to form some interesting products.  I wouldn't define this as ironic but I was inspired on some level by the work of Duchamp and post-modernism.  The project was mainly a way to keep me fresh but I was surprised by how much it resonated online but I hope it is not considered pollution:

"In recent years "ironic design" has developed a dreadful reputation as an attention-seeking tool for wannabe star designers. Their "clever" objects fill our newspaper supplements, litter design fairs, and pop up on every design blog going. Just as celebrity culture no longer requires stars to be able to sing or act in order to be famous, designers, it seems, no longer have to justify their shallow and showy offerings. To many, this is tantamount to pollution and the sooner it is replaced with design that actually tries to improve things, the better."- Design Comedy

What do you think?  I'd like to hear your feedback.