Daily thought questions

Amidst my move from Atlanta, Connecticut and finally Kansas, I have found the daily thought questions from my studio one class with Jon Kolko.  I remember being told that I should keep them because they will be interesting to reflect upon in later years.  I am missing a couple but I have most of the collection. 

Here they are, for your enjoyment, thought provocation and hopefully a nice debate on some of the underlying issues the questions raise.

What is the difference between research and design?
What is more important - research or intuition? Why?
Which is more important - that something look nice, or that it is easy to use? Why?
Why are you attending college?
Is it more important that design is a verb or a noun? Why?
If you design something, and that something is used to kill someone else, is it your fault? Why or why not?
One goal of design is to make money.  What is another goal of design?
If you could design any type of product at all, what would you choose to design? Why?
What's the difference between designing a blender and a sports car?
Which is the most important country in the world right now? Why?
When you go to an expensive restaurant, do you consider the chef a designer? Why or why not?
Is it more important to be happy while designing or to make others happy through design? Why?