Office Assualt: The C.C.G

Introducing the C.C.G. Check for the image for specs.

Let's talk a little bit about CAD/Solidworks. This was a relatively simple model. A revolve, a few extrudes, cuts, and a couple of assemblies to get the .step files to render in hypershot. Probably the most time consuming part were those nasty fillets. When I was clicking each individual face/edge to apply a constant radius fillet I had time to reflect on how I could have done this more efficiently.

1. Create a pattern... Create the same, let's call them grenade bumps, features. However instead of merging them early, apply the fillets to only one vertical set, delete the rest of the bodies and then duplicate the circular pattern on those filleted features.

2. I tried creating a circular pattern of the same vertical set of fillets... Not sure why that didn't work.

3. Cut, fillet, cut, fillet... Instead of applying the circular patterned cuts at once, do the horizontal ones, apply fillets, cut the vertical grenade bumps, apply fillets, then just fillet the remaining faces to get a full face round. The only reason I wouldn't recommend this is because it breaks one of the golden rules I heard from Thomas Parel, apply all your fillets at the end. And from personal experience this is always true.


PS - Why did I take the time to apply all of those fillets??? It creates little highlights and shadows in the rendering which makes it more realistic.