Welcome To America....

My friend Francis Fave has an expression when he sees something that exemplifies everything that is wrong with our country, it's called "Welcome To America!". It started when he was talking to our friend from Korea about America...

So when I found this in the trash I had to ask myself a few questions. Please consider the following when making your next beverage purchase:
Do you really need a 24oz coffee (equal to apprx. 3 cups of Joe) in the morning?
Do you even taste the contents as you chug it?
Do you think that your beverage will be at an adequate temperature by the time you get half way done, or even 3/4?
Have you considered the consequences if said beverage where to fall into your lap/car? (see here)
Do you consider this a "healthy" alternative to energy drinks?
Do you take the stairs or the elevator when ascending two or less floors in a building?