Project VTECH: Research Phase

The Hong Kong course (as my classmates and I like to call it) is off to a great start. The project is sponsored by VTech and will be taking us all the way to Hong Kong. Today we labeled as "Cultural Probe day". Last night and the day before we developed and assembled the cultural probe. Today was spent going out to the users we contacted who represented the target demographics and conducting the exercises with them. A cultural probe is generally a packet filled with a three or more tasks for a participant to complete. From their responses we can gain insights into their culture, how they interact with objects or what effects their purchasing decisions, just to name a few. The users I spoke to with my friend/colleague Micheal Slabon where a part of the baby boomer generation and who we referred to as a "restless traveler".

The team has already put in many twelve hours days. Completing this activity was just one of the many tasks the team have to complete this week. Others include creating online surveys, demographic research, technology research, competitive analysis and persona creation. And to think this is just week one... I can tell I'm going to learn a great deal this quarter and I'm really looking forward to seeing where it all ends up.