2009 SCAD Merit Award

Last night my friends Adam Brodowski, Lizz Harr and I presented externally to compete for the SCAD IDSA Student Merit Award. We were then judged by Micheal Plumber of JCB, Kurt Rampton a Freelance Designer, and Nate Justice who works at Philips in Atlanta. While we waited for them to make their selection Ravi Sawhney of RKS Design gave the keynote spech about a few projects his company has done and his techinique for analyzing market trends and targeting areas of development called the Psycho-Aesthetics design strategy. (It would have been a great night just seeing that presentation).

I was a bit nervous during my presentation... I forgot to turn the mic on, then my presentation went blank on the screen when I pushed the video out button on the slide remote (scary but I just pushed the button again), and I spoke really fast at times... But I think overall I did well. So after waiting an enterity (about 45min I think) the judges came back with their desicion. It gets a little blurry but I was choosen to represent SCAD at the district conference as the SCAD IDSA Merit Award Winner.

I'm really looking forward to the conference and I'm starting to realize what this means for me in my career as a Designer. As I said last night, all three of us desever to go. We all represent different aspects of SCAD I.D and like my friend Sara Adams said "(I wish) all three merit finalists could just morph together to form one super finalist. In a transformers kind of way."