661:Well Designed Protection

I recently purchased both of these products from 661. The comp gloves I bought last season had left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. Which was, in part, due to the quality of material and durability these gloves had at their price point. So I decided to upgrade to the Cedric Gracia special a'dish along with the kyle strait knee pad.

The Gracia gloves are stylish, conform exquisitely well to my hand and offer an extreme level of knuckle protection (and bling) with the carbon fiber insert. The knee pads surpassed my expectations as well. The Velcro straps ensure that the knee pads fit your leg well with very little in ride movement or sag. They also have enough air ventilation to keep you much cooler than other pads on the market. The knee pad itself with I assume it made from EVA foam keeps the pad very lite.

In short, it's no wonder why the pro's are putting their name on 661's products. Hats off to the team who must have worked in close association with the pro's/actual riders to determine materials specs., ergonomics and use.