Warning Labels...

For those of you who have ever worked on a safety labels, I know your pain. Why do we need explicit instructions on products which detail things we shouldn't do with the product? Sure there are lawsuits and we can't really escape the fact that people sometimes do dumb things. But who reads these things, honestly?

Products should be designed in such a way to avoid injury. Some products are inherently dangerous. But common sense would say that the person wouldn't go out and do that which makes the product dangerous, would they? For example, you don't see huge warning stickers on motorcycles which say "DANGER: If you jump of of this motorbike serious injury will result".. or perhaps you do and I just never looked. But their is that old Mcdonalds hot coffee lawsuit which puts it all in perspective.

So in tribute to my frustrations I made a much more refined system of warnings. The warning HIPPO does everything a regular warning label does only it looks approximately 10 times better. And hey, who knows, people might actually stop and take the time to read the warnings the friendly HIPPO has to say.